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A specific need?

You are a professional and want to buy at the best price without wasting time?

Aware that it is sometimes difficult to find your way in a product catalog containing thousands of products, our team at has launched the "Customized quote" offer.
This offer, addressed to professionals with volumes, consists in :

  1. ANALYZE: with you we analyze your needs in terms of hygiene, protection and disinfection,
  2. CHALLENGE : our team will source and challenge our vendors registered on novprotect in order to find those who can meet your needs at the best rates and in the shortest time,
  3. DELIVER : novprotect or the vendors will then ensure the delivery of the products selected in your order.

This unique and exclusive offer to Novprotect guarantees you the tranquility and avoid wasting time in the management of purchases.

A service appreciated by professionals!

This new service launched in 2021 has quickly seduced professional customers whether they are craftsmen, SMEs, associations or public organizations. This is not surprising, as we all have the same problems, whatever our sector or field of activity. 

Too few suppliers of hygiene, protection or disinfection products have been able to maintain the service as a main axis of development. At Novprotect, we put service and our customers at the center of our strategy, where others focus on maximum profitability at the expense of customer service.

If you also want to benefit from this service, just write to us with your list of needs (sponge, wipe, detergent, liquid soap, etc.) and the maximum information related to your needs (your preferences, volumes requested, etc.).

Our team will then contact you quickly to establish the list of products and will submit you a free estimate in a second step.

A good way to realize that can considerably reduce your costs in these purchasing areas compared to your current suppliers!