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Washable fold-free fabric mask

Washable fold-free fabric mask

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Wearing a protective face mask is essential to reduce the risk of COVID-19 coronavirus contamination. Our washable, fold-free fabric face mask protects your nose and mouth, and will help shield you from respiratory projections and sprays.

A washable, fold-free, fabric mask is a comfortable and protective accessory.

Made of fabric, our fold-free washable mask is reusable. As such, it is a more economical selection when compared to disposable masks. Complying with recommended standards to provide optimal protection against respiratory droplets and nasal secretions, this accessory features a fabric overlay with a tight weave. Equipped with an elastic band, our washable mask, made of fold-free fabric, can completely cover the nose and mouth. Its shape has been carefully designed to fit the morphology of the face and is pleasant to wear. Designwise, this washable face mask is made from patterned unfolded fabric. Its visible seams add a stylish touch to its overall appearance.