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Washable masks

Washable masks
À destination du grand public et particulièrement adapté en milieu professionnel, ce masque assure une efficacité de protection des voies respiratoires. De haute qualité, il prévient les projections de gouttelettes par une filtration de plus de 90 %. &nbs..
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When there is an epidemic, wearing a mask is a responsible decision to protect both yourself and others. Masks provide effective protection for everyday life: errands, medical appointments, mandatory travel, etc. Our fabric masks have the advantage of being machine washable at 60°. As they can be reused, they are both an effective and economic choice.

Which washable mask to choose?

All our washable masks are made of high quality fabric and are available in different styles to suit different users, ensuring the right fit and comfort level for you. There are fabric masks with 3 folds and without. Whichever style you select, our fabric masks protect your nose and mouth from the respiratory projections of others. .

Washable masks should be used in addition to social distancing measures and other mandated barrier practices for optimal protection. They can be worn for a maximum of 4 hours. It is therefore recommended to have several on hand in order to be protected for prolonged periods of time.