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Office Protections

Office Protections

In the face of the coronavirus COVID-19, it is the employer's responsibility to take the necessary measures to ensure the safety and protect the physical and moral health of workers.

Protection for your open-space

If your teams work in open-space, our lightweight panels with transparent glass keep every employee safe from possible projections. No physical contact but only visual contact, thus avoiding the spread of the virus in spaces where offices are close together.

High protection in rooms and queues

To enable your customers to return to your premises in complete serenity in this health emergency, our high protection walls will help you to apply social distancing measures without constraints. Self-supporting and stable, they will be able to queue or wait without fear of contamination.

Protection for cash registers and counters

For ERP systems, the cash registers and counters can be protected thanks to the easy-to-maintain protective walls, which can be adapted to your needs.

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