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Hydroalcoholic gel

Hydroalcoholic gel

The hydroalcoholic gel is part of our daily routine for an indefinite period of time. Essential in many situations, because its use is on the list of barrier gestures to protect you as well as possible from the contamination of viruses such as the coronavirus COVID-19.

An effective formula, but to be respected

For a quarter of a century, the composition of the hydroalcoholic gel has demonstrated its effectiveness as protection against viruses and bacteria. Doctors all over the world use it. The majority of epidemics progress through human contact, either directly or through an object. The gel comes in handy when you can't wash your hands. You can use it indefinitely on dry and relatively clean hands.

However, care must be taken to ensure that the ethanol content is above 60% to ensure that the hydroalcoholic gel is compliant and sufficiently antiseptic. It also reduces the risk of contamination through human contact by 60%.

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