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Washable mask

Washable mask

In times of epidemics, the mask is a responsible choice to ensure his safety and that of his entourage. Masks provide effective protection for everyday life: shopping, medical appointments, mandatory travel, etc. These fabric masks have the advantage that they can be machine washed at 60°. They can therefore be reused for more savings.

Which washable mask to choose?

Washable masks are available in different models to suit different users and to ensure perfect comfort of use for everyone. You will find fabric masks with 3 folds, masks without folds, etc. These masks, whatever their model, perfectly protect the different orifices of the face from projections. All our mask models are made of high quality fabric.

These masks are of course to be used in addition to distance measurements and barrier gestures for optimal efficiency. They can be worn for a maximum of 4 hours. It is therefore recommended to have several of them available to alternate.

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