In these troubled times when everything is getting more expensive due to inflation, household products are not spared. Fortunately, there are companies that stand firm and are committed to providing their customers with professional quality products at prices that are affordable for all pockets. 

NovProtect, a marketplace of French experts

We take care to select our collaborators carefully, in order to provide you with a whole range of cleaning products at the best prices, which we tend to enlarge every day. From disinfectant spray, through microfiber cloths, to refillable detergents, you will benefit from our competitive prices that will bring you complete satisfaction.

A large majority of our products are of artisanal origin, resulting from a traditional commercial exchange directly in connection with their manufacturers ; on the one hand, this ensures them a much better margin, on the other hand, it also benefits the customers who pay de facto less expensive because there are not several intermediaries who inflate the final price.

Eco-responsible products

Did you know that ? Instead of buying new washing powder cans once they are empty, you could do something for the planet by choosing refills that are easy to store, cheaper than a new one, and that will reduce your plastic waste. Practical ! Moreover, our refills can be used as is : the surfactants contained in their preparation respect the biodegradability criteria defined in the EC regulation n°648/2004 on detergents. All good reasons to start changing our daily habits.

But our responsible repertoire towards the environment does not stop there : indeed, we are also able to offer you degreasing cleaners of vegetable origin ! Thanks to their alkaline, naturally abrasive properties, you'll be able to remove the most stubborn dirt with a flick of the wrist and leave your surfaces clean and shiny. All this, without burning a hole in your budget. 

Protective masks and hydroalcoholic gel

We wouldn't be done with a quick tour of our selections if we didn't mention our protective masks and hydroalcoholic gels that we have in stock. You will even find pediatric masks on our marketplace, to ensure that your children are more comfortable to use than what is offered elsewhere !

Indeed, in this period of 7th wave of COVID-19, you could not be more preventive by re-equipping yourself with what is necessary to protect yourself and others. We are not saying this to annoy you: prevention is better than cure. Rest assured that at NovProtect, you will find everything you need at prices well below those charged in stores and other marketplaces, always with a high quality of manufacture. Low prices do not necessarily mean low quality, on the contrary ; we do not joke with your security, even less with your budget.