There are three types of 100% natural household products that are essential for bathrooms and toilets. They can be used individually, but not everyone knows that they also complement each other, for even more spectacular results ! Good for our health and the environment, that said, can we afford to use these household products for the maintenance of the toilets in the company ?

White vinegar

Who better than the natural enemy of limescale to fight against it? It will be your best asset to :

  • Clean your shower walls ;
  • Descale your shower head and faucet ;
  • Remove all traces and bad odors from the sink

Use it as a spray, and hot if you want to maximize its effects. You will only have to let it rest before rinsing with a water jet. If the scale is well embedded, however, you will need an abrasive sponge to scrub.

To descale your toilet bowl, first empty it ; then pour a little hot white vinegar into coarse salt to produce a better wetting. Leave it overnight and gently scrape it off when you wake up before flushing.

Black soap

It will protect your hands from various chemical aggressions since it is totally healthy and natural. It is a leading product even in mass distribution, it allows :

  • To maintain your shower curtain ;
  • To take care of your tiles ;
  • To scour your bathtub

Detach your curtain and add a little hot water to clean the dirt. Then send it to your washing machine and set it according to its material, usually between 40 and 60 ° C.

Black soap, unlike white vinegar, can be used on all surfaces, allowing you to clean the joints with peace of mind.

Baking soda

Excellent complement to white vinegar and black soap to remove stubborn stains, it will make you happy to : 

  • Make your bathroom shine ;
  • Clean dirty joints ;
  • Descaling toilets 

The alkaline material which composes it offers a naturally abrasive effect. Very practical against limestone and other dirt, it will avoid you to spend too much energy in elbow grease. 

Simply moisten a sponge and sprinkle it on before scrubbing; it works everywhere ! Even the worst stains won't resist a little lemon mixed with baking soda : just form a paste and then choose your scrubbing tool (brush, toothbrush, etc.) 

How does it work in the workplace ?

It's almost the same. Use detergent-disinfectant spray, let it work and dry with a microfiber cloth : quick and effective. Apart from that, don't forget to change your toilet brush regularly. It is recommended to clean these premises once a day depending on the frequency of use and the education of the users.