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2022-07-21 Supplier of hygiene and cleaning products : NovProtect revolutionizes the sector !
sophie 0 15472
In these troubled times when everything is getting more expensive due to inflation, household products are not spared. Fortunately, there are companies that stand firm and are committed to providing t..
2022-07-07 What types of household products to use to clean your bathroom and toilet ? And in the workplace ?
sophie 0 1398
There are three types of 100% natural household products that are essential for bathrooms and toilets. They can be used individually, but not everyone knows that they also complement each other, for e..
2022-06-21 Cheap cleaning products, good plan or not ?
sophie 0 1839
We often think that the most expensive products are the most effective. In reality, it is not so much the composition of a so-called miracle product that costs the consumer money, but the brand that d..
2022-06-14 Non-woven cloths, the low-cost solution for cleaning
sophie 0 1396
Did you know that ? Opting for non-woven cloths for your cleaning is an economical, ecological and time-saving solution for your activities. They have many advantages - often unsuspected - in their us..
2022-06-02 How to reduce the risks of contamination in the food industry ?
sophie 0 752
Bakeries, delicatessens, caterers, fishmongers, butchers... These are all professions where the sanitary stakes are extremely high and where practices are highly regulated. The good health of the popu..
2021-10-01 The biodegradable apron, kesako ?
2021-05-05 What is environmental health?
2021-05-02 Hygiene at work
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2021-04-22 Hygiene against nosocomial infections
2021-04-20 Cleaning and disinfection of sanitary facilities, the rules to always respect
2021-04-19 What is hospital hygiene?
2021-04-19 What is occupational health and safety?
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