Bakeries, delicatessens, caterers, fishmongers, butchers... These are all professions where the sanitary stakes are extremely high and where practices are highly regulated. The good health of the population who buy from all these professionals is at stake. Several elements must be taken into account to ensure that this virtuous circle is maintained. Here are some answers...

The HACCP method

Or rather : Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point.

This regulation is essentially applied in two control points :

  • Each company should exercise self-control over its goods, from production to distribution ;
  • Surprise inspections by government officials can take place at all stages : manufacturing, transportation, storage and distribution

Companies can also ensure the reliability of their suppliers on several points :

  • Do they have ISO 9001 certification ?
  • Do they respect the cold chain ?

They can ask to have access to the results of potential analyses, but also make reservations on the delivery note - or even refuse a delivery - in case of suspicion on the goods.

Have a good hygiene and a good layout of the premises

At best, the premises should be set up with optimal logic and ergonomics to further reduce contamination factors. Preference should be given to :

  • Easy to clean and disinfect floor and ceiling coverings ;
  • Single-use products ;
  • Care should be taken to ensure that cleaning equipment is regularly washed and disinfected

Taking care of your employees

This can be done by reminding employees of the rules regarding hand washing, or by providing them with single-use products (gloves, liquid soap, etc.). But it can also be done by having impeccable personal hygiene (short, clean fingernails, hair tied back, wounds treated, etc.) or by wearing work clothes that are appropriate for the job.

Having locker rooms is a plus that will undoubtedly be appreciated !