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2022-07-12 Ecological laundry by the packing and the contents !
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Did you know ? Too many people still buy plastic detergent cans every time they run out of liquid. However, there are refills specially designed to refill them at a lower cost, and there are more and ..
2022-06-21 Cheap cleaning products, good plan or not ?
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We often think that the most expensive products are the most effective. In reality, it is not so much the composition of a so-called miracle product that costs the consumer money, but the brand that d..
2022-05-18 What are the differences between detergents with and without enzymes ?
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One can quickly get lost or make a mistake when choosing THE right detergent among the hundreds of alternatives that exist. Each of them does not necessarily have the same properties, the same uses or..
2022-05-16 How to wash your hands properly
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Handwashing is often very poorly done. There are many reasons for this : lack of awareness, lack of time, poor access to soap, etc. This can have serious consequences, especially when winter viruses a..
2021-12-29 What is a menstrual panty and how does it replace feminine hygiene protection?
2021-12-01 Why use cloth diapers for your baby?
2021-06-04 What is intimate hygiene?
2021-04-26 What is a hypo-allergenic detergent?
2021-04-19 What hygiene measures can be taken against COVID?
2021-04-16 What is a healthy lifestyle?
2021-04-06 What is hand hygiene?
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