This may seem obvious to those who are not aware of the subtleties of each of the existing worktops. Not all professionals have the same worktops that allow them to do their job, just as individuals are not equipped with the same kitchens. Not all materials are alike, some are much more fragile than others, and it would be unfortunate to use a product that is not adapted to the surface on which it is applied. Explanations.


Of all the materials and alternatives that exist, the marble or granite worktop is surely the most fragile. It is essential to be very careful with what you use to clean it, as it tends to deteriorate quickly when in contact with corrosive molecules. That would be a shame !

We recommend Marseille soap or baking soda mixed with hot water for maintenance.

If by chance you have stained yours, don't panic : there are environmentally responsible solutions, such as soda crystals diluted in warm water. Or you can use terre de Sommières on a damp cloth. 


It is advisable to varnish (if not already done) before starting to use it. What is the purpose of varnishing  ? The varnish serves as a protective layer against the various aggressions that the wood undergoes when you cook, which facilitates its maintenance since it no longer absorbs stains.

A damp sponge with, possibly, black soap diluted in warm water will suffice after each use. A touch of white vinegar will get rid of the little greasy messes. For the rest, lime will work wonders.

Do you want a grandmother's remedy to prolong its shine ? Think of coating it with linseed oil !


This one does not like big differences in heat and is more sensitive to scratches. Never use corrosive products on such a surface, you will ruin it. So be careful !

Simply use water and black soap. But be careful : you will have to wipe quickly to avoid leaving any traces.

Is there a grease stain ? Apply a little household alcohol on a cloth. This will also restore the shine to your worktop.


It is also quite fragile, so we do not use stripping products. Note to procrastinators : it is better not to let the residues that may appear dry ; you would have a hard time removing them !

Dishwashing liquid or scouring cream will be your allies for this support.

And if small stubborn stains have nevertheless become embedded, use white vinegar diluted in water instead.

There is no shortage of worktops on the market. You are now aware of the subtleties that are specific to each of them, it is now up to you to make your choice and act accordingly so that your equipment remains in good condition !