Did you know ? Too many people still buy plastic detergent cans every time they run out of liquid. However, there are refills specially designed to refill them at a lower cost, and there are more and more of them ! It's not only convenient to reduce your waste, but also your impact on the environment and relieve your piggy bank. 

Less waste, good for the planet

Do you see more and more laundry products in packs or refills on the market ? It's normal : manufacturers now know that they have to give ecological arguments to improve their sales. And for good reason : they are the first to make savings on transport, which means less money for the consumer. 

The reflex has not yet become natural, but it is following its path. With the arrival of more and more ecological refills, users are gradually realizing that they can change their consumption habits. In the future, they will end up better targeting their needs ; reducing waste with this process will then become the new norm.

At NovProtect, we are convinced of this. This is why we have chosen to give you access to a professional quality detergent and refills at a lower cost.

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Having the ability to save money is great. But it's highly recommended to know exactly what you're buying : your laundry doesn't just need to smell good, it also needs to be treated well by whatever is washing it ! Indeed, there are still too many products that focus everything on good smells, much less on real cleaning ability. Thus, by persisting, you are caught in an endless loop that will inevitably make you buy more to compensate for this lack of efficiency... without ever achieving optimal results.

Buying effective products may seem more expensive depending on the brands that distribute them. But if you know where to find what you need elsewhere, you will de facto reduce your purchases in the long run since your product will not need several washing machine services to be effective (beware of scams, choose your suppliers with the greatest care). 

Note that an effective detergent needs enzymes or other active products to deploy its full washing power. Be sure to check out everything available to you before making your choice.

Beware of enzymes !

It is in your best interest to sort your laundry before using enzymes: when your laundry is made of natural fibers (cotton, silk, wool...), the use of enzymes degrades these fabrics. They can also trigger allergies, so make sure you know what you are doing and use organic detergent (be careful, it works badly at low temperatures) in this case.

On the other hand, for clothes made of synthetic fibers, you will have no problem. 

It's up to you ! Take the lead on refills and the planet will thank you.