We often think that the most expensive products are the most effective. In reality, it is not so much the composition of a so-called miracle product that costs the consumer money, but the brand that distributes it (especially the big ones). That being said, it is important to target your suppliers, or you could end up with a low-end product that is not even worth the price at which it was sold to you...

Why turn to us ?

Coming back to the amount of money you give just to pay a brand : it depends on the nature of the product, it can easily go from a few tens of cents to several tens of euros spent "for nothing". Amounts that you could have saved or spent elsewhere, especially in the middle of inflation. 

At NovProtect, we offer you professional quality cleaning products at the right price. The products on sale on our marketplace have all been thoroughly studied, both in terms of their effectiveness and the seriousness, know-how and reliability of our partners. It is therefore with peace of mind that you can shop with us, it is a guarantee. 

If you need soap, prefer liquid soaps ; not only are they less expensive than traditional soaps, but they are also better suited to the current sanitary context. Are you running out of laundry detergent and would like a change ? We have what you need at a lower price and for the same result as the biggest brands of liquid detergents on the market. 

Since COVID-19, disinfectants have never been so popular on the shelves ; everyone wants a piece of the action and some don't hesitate to play on fears to make money. There are so many of them that you could get dizzy, not to mention the products that are virucidal in name only and overpriced. With us, you will be sure to get a disinfectant spray whose formula has been developed within the framework of the European biocide directive, and you will be supporting a French company. That said, if you prefer disinfecting wipes, we also have some in stock. 

Beware of (too) good deals !

You've probably noticed it too : scam attempts are multiplying in all areas. Because of the epidemic, the cleaning products market is no exception to the trend. Unfortunately, there will always be people with bad intentions who want to take advantage of the misfortune and/or gullibility of others to make a profit. With inflation skyrocketing, it is natural to look for ways to ease your wallet ; scammers know this even better than you do, and they will redouble their strategies to get you to buy their products. That's why we said in the introduction that it is important to target your suppliers.