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2022-05-17 How to clean a work surface ?
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This may seem obvious to those who are not aware of the subtleties of each of the existing worktops. Not all professionals have the same worktops that allow them to do their job, just as individuals a..
2022-05-16 How to wash your hands properly
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Handwashing is often very poorly done. There are many reasons for this : lack of awareness, lack of time, poor access to soap, etc. This can have serious consequences, especially when winter viruses a..
2022-05-03 Choosing the right protective gloves
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Glove categories are many and varied ; it's no secret that not all of them offer the same protection to your hands when you use them. To name a few, we're not going to use fireproof gloves if we need ..
2022-04-25 COVID-19 in April 2022 : new cases on the rise
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Contaminations linked to COVID-19 on the rise As of April 21, 2022, more than 155,711 new COVID-19 infections have been reported in France, an increase of 153% compared to the same time last year. Th..
2022-03-03 Novprotect joins MINALOGIC
2021-12-29 What is a menstrual panty and how does it replace feminine hygiene protection?
2021-12-13 Covid-19 protective masks made of reusable fabric
2021-12-01 Why use cloth diapers for your baby?
2021-10-01 The biodegradable apron, kesako ?
2021-09-28 The different types of garbage bags available
2021-09-22 Professional disinfection: interest and benefits for restaurateurs
2021-09-07 Global Industry 2021 in Lyon, we were there!
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