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Locaux de la société NOVANDGO SASThe marketplace was founded by DIGIGLOBAL SAS, a company based in Rives en Isère. Aware that getting a washable fabric mask, hydroalcoholic gel, wipes... is not necessarily the easiest thing to do, DIGIGLOBAL has developed the 1st marketplace allowing all professional manufacturers with the capacity to meet the growing demand of the general public, companies and organizations.

A marketplace dedicated to quality protection products: face mask, hydroalcoholic gel, wipes... !

Our desire is to structure and allow the greatest number of people to be equipped with protective masks, hydro-alcoholic gel, etc. To do this, our platform allows us to put in touch: French professional merchants who are able to respond to requests with quality products. Our market place for protection products also allows us to respond to problems of volume by pooling the stocks of different retailers.

Our marketplace of protection products (mask, hydroalcoholic gel, wipes...) aims to favour serious merchants and manufacturers. Indeed, in times of crisis such as we are experiencing and have experienced in recent months, it seems important to us to reach out to companies with real know-how and help them meet demand through an ethical and human project.

A marketplace of professionals who are experts in protective masks, hydroalcoholic gel, wipes...

We carefully select the merchants present on our marketplace. It is indeed important to offer quality products with serious and reliable partners. Our marketplace has therefore set itself the goal of being the 1st marketplace in France and Europe in this sector and thus provide an effective solution for the months and years to come because all experts agree that work and consumption patterns will have changed following the crisis of the coronavirus COVID-19 ...